george christian

George Christian (born in August 10th, 1981, in Salvador city, capital of Bahia, in Brazil) is a self-taught composer, guitarrist and singer with more than 10 years of experience. He’s also a writer with five reasonably finished books of poem, however not published yet. His interests in music encompasses both more popular genres and experimental/avant-garde classical ones. The songwriting and the improvisations living side-by-side with sound-art studies and compositions with a larger structure, and working all the styles with a lyrical universalist philosophy. Outside the eventual musical researches, his message wants to restore the faith in humanity outside the chaos and overwhelming situations, even bringing back a sense of adventure, terror and reflection. And it surpasses the subtle autobiographical aspects to seek what is worth to be shared with the cosmos of the human life, through a meditation on life, death, ressurrection and eternity in the organization and impact of sounds.


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