DWS085: George Christian – Prelúdio Tardio

“My second album, ironically titled “Prelúdio Tardio” (“Late Prelude”). It is a semi-conceptual album consisted with two electroacoustic pieces, two proper songs and one partially improvised performance. The background story of this album carries the lateness in two aspects: of its elaboration and its (severely late) release. I planned this album for a long time and it has begun as a double album with an repertoire consisted basically of songs and some instrumentals. But there were some personal and accidental reasons that made the album take the form it has now. I decided to make this opus more consistent and with tracks in which the electroacoustic pieces serve as preludes and bridges to long electric guitar-oriented pieces. It’s an album about the human existence trying to firm its place in the cosmos in its birth, hard living, lost whereabouts, death, and fiery ressurrection until finding a sense of reflective living.

* This work is dedicated to the victims of Fukushima’s nuclear accident and of whatever other ones caused by the men’s misperception on the cosmos.”