DEEPWHITESOUND was founded in 2005 originally as a simple avenue through which to release homemade, experimental recordings for free. After a year or so of using the domain for various personal projects, invitations were extended to select electronic/noise artists to release their work under the Creative Commons license free of charge to the public. In 2007, the project fully formed into its current state as a submission-based albeit curated public resource of quality experimental music showcasing a variety of genres - from lo-fi folk, tape music, electronic-based, harsh noise, spoken word, field recording, long-form avant-garde composition and the unclassifiable.

An International Online Label

The fully hosted website, coupled with the continued expansion of social networking, allows DEEPWHITESOUND to provide digital releases exactly as an artist intends with no restrictions as to duration, quality or bandwidth, with a reach that extends to anyone who wishes to access and download.

DEEPWHITESOUND's mission is bi-fold: to make challenging, experimental work available via digital download for free and to support and foster a community for artists working at the fringe of art, technology and society. Special attention is paid to interdisciplinary work in new media, installation, performance, generative and web-based mediums that expand the possibilities of how sound-based art is experienced, distributed and discussed. Female, queer and ethnic minority experimental artists comprise a woefully under-represented and under-supported demographic and thus are also of particular interest to DWS. That stated, DEEPWHITESOUND seeks and supports work from all people, everywhere, who wish to broaden the scope of what is possible.

deepwhitesound Acknowledgments

In August 2009, founder DB Amorin was featured as a guest host on 90.3 KTUH in Honolulu, HI during an episode of NOISEZ with DJ George to discuss experimental / avant-garde sound and non-commercial distribution of music. In December 2011, work from deepwhitesound was featured and discussed on internet radio show RadioCapsule operating out of Paris, France. In July 2012, deepwhitesound artists were featured on the Seattle internet radio station Hollow Earth Radio's program The Get-Down Goblin Radio Show dedicated to noise, experimental and outsider music. In May 2013, deepwhitesound was featured on Non-Radio, a program on Sin Audio operating out of Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. In early 2014, DB Amorin was asked to curate an hour of programming on Free Lab Radio, a program on 104.4 Resonance FM based in London, England and hosted by DJ Fari Bradley, an installment highlighting deepwhitesound's commitment to the free distribution of experimental sound work and featuring tracks from releases since 2012. In March 2014, deepwhitesound was mentioned in the Village Voice Music blog. In April 2014, deepwhitesound was again featured on 90.3 KTUH during which a number of selections from early 2014 releases were showcased and discussed. In October 2014, DB Amorin was invited to present a selection of work from the deepwhitesound catalog at Weird Shift in Portland, OR as well as discuss the Stream Room installation.

In 2013, deepwhitesound was the recipient of a grant from the Precipice Fund administered by the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art and Calligram Foundation as part of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts’ re-granting program. The grant provides funding for two projects, Random Access Tape and Stream Room, two collaborative works completed in 2014. In August 2016, Composites: Buena Vista, the inaugural episode of a podcast series featuring collaborative longform compositions by international artists, was presented in conjunction with the extended programming of the Soundwave ((7)) Biennial, and funded in part by Regional Arts & Culture Council.

Social Networking

Support DEEPWHITESOUND by sharing widely. You can find us on Facebook (deepwhitesounddotcom) and on Twitter (@deepwhitesound).

Submitting to DWS

We are open to hosting / releasing work from artists that have experimental audio work to offer the public, and would like to be a part of deepwhitesound and its community of artists. If you would like to release your work through deepwhitesound, please find more information and learn how to APPLY HERE.


DB Amorin is an artist, arts organizer and founder of deepwhitesound. He works at ProjectGrow, an art studio representing and serving adults with developmental disabilities and curates the adjoining Port City Gallery, an artspace focused on programming which showcases and integrates work of contemporary artists into the ProjectGrow program. He currently serves as Communications Director on the board of The Creative Music Guild, a non-profit organization facilitating experimental and improvisational performance in Portland OR. DB Amorin is an exhibiting visual artist working in video, sound and web-based art, as well as a recording artist under the moniker uvovu.

Tomás Tello is an electro-acoustic sound artist, organizer, performer and serves as a Development Coordinator in Europe for deepwhitesound. He has studied various disciplines under a variety of mentors, from composition and harmony with Jorge Madueno, guitar with Andres Prado, the oud with Gani Mirzo at the "Taller de Musica" in Barcelona, the Alexander Technique with Jessica Nardelli and guitar with Fernando Kabusacki in Bueno Aires. His practice includes the exploration of multiplicity in performance by utilizing many DIY analog devices such as hand-built electronics, cassette decks , AM radios, remote controls, cameras, guitars, samplers, voice, flutes , bells and others. He currently resides in Luxembourg.