DWS100: ONE HUNDRED: here, a boundless sound

In honor of DEEPWHITESOUND’s 100th release this compilation of new, unreleased work exemplifies the wide range of sounds composed & performed, recorded & mutated by the dozens of artists who have provided their work to be distributed here. A celebration of and thanks to all who support the free exchange of music and art.

Featuring work from:
George Christian (Brazil), Boner Pallace (USA), Little Spoon (USA), The Human Kind (USA), Wartime Tapestry (UK), Sounds the Songs of Seabirds (CA), Lezet (Serbia), New Fast (USA), Pregnant Spore (USA), Nelhma Chesmsa (?), Yacob (USA), Michael Curtis Hilde (USA), Crest Fear Blur (USA), Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (USA), Talk Midway (USA), Dreamboat Crusaderz (USA), Mason Butler (USA), Idol Eyes (USA), Dirt Alive (USA)