DWS currently features experimental work that falls under a number of genres, from spoken word, harsh noise, instant composition, tape music, vocal music, field recording, noise rock, drone, ambient, composition for traditional and non-traditional instruments, folk, and more. We are interested in continuing to push and confuse boundaries of “sound art” by providing support and exposure opportunities to artists, musicians and collectives who do the same.

DWS is particularly interested in: drone, “weirdo” folk / pop / rock, harsh noise, musique concrete, prepared / invented / homemade instruments, subdued ambient / glitch / quiet tones, field recording / environmental recordings, experimental variants on traditional ethnic music, sound composed for tape / cassette loop experimentation, sound composed for installation or film, conceptual releases (graphic scores, apps, text-based music), new media / digital downloads that blur the distinction between media.

Expanded Audio

As deepwhitesound enters its 10th year of providing access to free, experimental sound art, we are adopting a quarterly release format with 6 – 8 downloads featured per season. Unlike previous releases, emphasis will be placed on featured work as artist-constructed digital “objects” following the concept of “expanded audio”. Proposals will ideally feature not only audio work, but an outline of additional media to be included with downloads in order to create unique, one-of-a-kind digital packages that push the boundaries of sound art. Examples of work that may be packaged with audio work include but are not limited to images, text-files, stand-alone applications, html / web files, phone apps, etc. The intention is to provide high-quality releases that elevate digital downloads from disposable media to digital art objects in the interest of perpetuating the ideology that free art is not forgettable art.

Please note that proposals featuring ONLY audio work will not be denied, however artists should be willing to discuss options and ideas regarding “digital packaging” concepts. The most competitive submissions will take into consideration “expanded audio” concepts and will have a proposal outlined. Submissions from geographic locations not yet represented on DWS are also competitive.

Please review the LICENSE section for more information about copyright issues regarding your work and deepwhitesound.

Those interested in releasing work through deepwhitesound may fill out the form below to submit proposals for review. Releases are scheduled quarterly, but proposals are accepting on a rolling basis. All questions should be sent to however please do not send proposals directly via email.