Yacob has been doing solo music in a variety of styles and instrumentations since age 13 (currently 23). In between, he has played in a number of bands formed in Alabama, Hawaii, and California. He currently resides in Oakland, CA, and plays with No Babies (guitar, clarinet, bass clarinet), T.F.F.W.’z (extended technique free jazz hardcore vocal screams, trombone), and Jibber and Twitch (keyboard, melodic sung vocals, drums). Defunct past projects include The Difference Engine, Conflict Hymens, Klactoveedsedstene, Sug Knight, and Night Mare Drum Song.

Previous solo outpourings have been folk troubadour music, garbage clang hiphop, piano musical show tune things. More recently is music created not for performance but for the flowering of as many densely packed ideas as possible, which may later become cannibalized into other projects. Such is the case with RURARY.

This most recent re-dedication to solo composition has been taking the form of hardcore song cycles, most influenced by his guitar tenure in No Babies and vocal experiments in TFFWz. The hardcore song is ideal for the 4 track medium in that it is stripped down the four basics of guitar, bass, drums, and vocals (although clarinet, trombone, keyboard, and found sounds are also employed), limitations which allow creativity to flower. Yacob is also pursuing a music degree and is inspired by the musics of Webern, Schoenberg, Ligeti, Palestrina, Charles Ives, Cage, and countless other western art music composers, stealing many of their techniques and applying them to the weirdo punk rock medium.

Some of Yacob’s recordings exist in physical form on his label Albacore Records. General contact is yacobdafisk@hotmail.com

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