tomás tello

Born in 1981 in Lima, Peru (currently Luxembourg). He had a deep interest in sound from a very early age. He studied harmony and composition with Jorge Madueño and guitar with Andrés Prado. From 2001 to 2002 he lived in Barcelona and attended the “Taller de Musics”, there he practiced the Oud with Gani Mirzo. Back in Lima he studied traditional peruvian guitar with Gustavo Urbina. From 2004 to 2006 he lived in Buenos Aires. There he studied Alexander Technique lesson with Jessica Nardelli and guitar lessons with Fernando Kabusacki. From year 2006 to 2009 he lived in Lima and was very active in the local musical enviroment. He formed the duo “Shaolines del Amor” with Raúl Jardín and played many concerts in Perú and in Chile. He is established in Luxembourg since 2009 and works with choregrapher Yuko Kominami , teaches guitar and music, runs Andesground music label and performs as a soloist or with E.T. (Elisabeth Flunger & Tomás Tello).

His work is inspired by traditional music and enviroment sounds. He is also interested in the possibilities a musician has to multiply himself. In order to achieve this multiplicity he uses a varied setting of instruments that include D.I.Y. electronics, casette walkmans , AM radios,remote controls,cameras, guitars, samplers,voice, flutes , bells , etc. It is his intention to express concern for contemplation, patience and to establish a close, warm and joyful relation with the sounds that are arround us.

His work includes:
Bear- the Wonderer with Anushiye Yarnell (2006) Nostalgia Robotica with Colectivo Inoperante ( 2003-2009) Concesiones Forestales with Tetuzi Akiyama (2008) Phaway , Volar , Tadayo with Renzo Zavaleta, Yuko Kominami and Raul Gomez in Qorikancha, Cuzco (2009) Project “O” with Yuko Kominami, Rajivan Ayyappan, Emanuella Iacopini, Kunihiko Matsuo and Nico Tremblay in Luxembourg (2010) Mayu with Yuko Kominami and Elric Vanpouille in Luxembourg (2011) “Kage Fumi” with Yuko Kominami, Marianela León Ruiz and Brice Durand in Luxembourg (2012)

Sirvinakuy, Andesground Records 2009 (Perú)
Corriente Pacífica Split (with soma), Andesground Records 2010 (Luxembourg/Perú)
Quipu Split (with Zenial), Buh Records 2010 (Perú)
Kunan, Sodoma Recordings 2011 (Japan)
Ruqyay, TwistedTreeLine 2011 (England)
Labor (with duo E.T.), Creative Sources Recordings (Portugal)


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