the lost and found sound

Stacy Stephens is the lost and found sound.
All music created, mixed and recorded by Stacy Stephens.

“The Lost and Found Sound create sound textures that drone through your skull,
an array of sound and light buzz past like the sound of movement, slow languid, suppressing.”
– I Had An Accident Records

“Lost and Found came with nicely built textures that flow into each other.
Expect multiple diverse sounds, abstract drums and heavy bass. This tape is a must have for a friday night or a long late night drive.”
– Time Lapse Label

“The variety and creative structure of the tape keeps me coming back for more.
There’s static here and there, rhythms flowing back and forth amongst themselves, and an ever-present sense of acceptance.”
– Divergent Series

“This Earth pounding ambient talent is an analog gear head, preferring the raw hands on to the dead screen world of the eaten out Apple.”
– Passage (Re$tiform Bodies / anticon)

“The Lost and Found Sound supply the B side with a continuous mix of instrumental sound consisting of disparate elements like found sounds taken from roadside diner jukeboxes and melted together in the desert sun.
Drums, heavy bass, vocals, samples redolent of country music, strings, field recordings and more, all weave in and out in layers that defy complete deconstruction.”
– Julian Felix (Culture Remixed)

“As a side note, some of us made year end lists for 2010 that we just never made public…
The Lost and Found Sound’s split with Dead Lincoln happened to be in my personal top ten favorite releases, probably top five if we’re talking strictly cassettes.”
– Noah Klein (FMLY)


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