“TAHNZZ is Tahnee Udero, a noise artist, record collector, and DJ from Albuquerque, NM.
Starting in 2010, Udero performed with Baby Shampoo, a unit of three female noise musicians.
She began creating noise solo as TAHNZZ in 2011 at the women’s outsider music fest Gatas y
Vatas, which she helps organize. She has taken on the appearance and aesthetic of a noise
curandera, conjuring and layering drones and disintegrating tones. Her work is inspired by the
history of her family and New Mexico, what can be heard beyond the city system, and the
continuing story of the shape of the desert and its soundtrack onward. She is a member of The
Black Range, Death Convention Singers, and Milch de la Máquina.
Her debut release Xila (Sicksicksick Distro) was named Best Noise Release of 2013 by
MAGNET Magazine.”

email: dj.tahnee@gmail.com
facebook: facebook.com/tahnzznoise
soundcloud: soundcloud.com/tahnzz

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