sun of 81

“Sun of 81 are an experimental/ambient duo, based in southern California. Gilbert Avila (Orange County) plays acoustic guitar + electric guitar + vocals, processed through various fx pedals. Stacy Stephens (Los Angeles County) plays acoustic guitar + electric guitar + sp404, processed through more pedals and fx units.

Originally started off as an internet only collaboration project in early 2010, when Stacy still lived in Arizona. Together they’ve released 3 albums, featuring various walls of sound, heavily delayed and reverb saturated guitars with haunting ebow fx. All the while, a slow churning static is bending and crunching it’s way into a dying drone of loops, endlessly spinning backwards.

‘I’ was released on cassette in July of 2010 (Afternoons Modeling / IHAA), ‘II’ was self-released on 3″ cdr in September of 2010. Plus a free digital ‘live’ album (VII.XI.XI) recorded together in California, July of 2011.

2012 officially ends the email file swapping and instead focuses on actually recordings made in the same room, doing live/improvised sessions.”


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