DEEPWHITESOUND was founded in 2005
originally as a simple avenue through which to release homemade, experimental recordings for free. After a year or so of using the domain for various personal projects, invitations were extended to select electronic/noise artists to release their work under the Creative Commons license free of charge to the public. In 2007, the project fully formed into its current state as a submission-based albeit curated public resource of quality experimental music showcasing a variety of genres - from lo-fi folk, tape music, electronic-based, harsh noise, spoken word, field recording, long-form avant-garde composition and the unclassifiable.

An International Online Label 

The fully hosted website, coupled with the continued expansion of social networking, allows DEEPWHITESOUND to provide digital releases exactly as an artist intends with no restrictions as to duration, quality or bandwidth, with a reach that extends to anyone who wishes to access and download it.

As such, a reciprocal relationship has been formed between DWS as an online resource supporting the free exchange of experimental art and music, and an international roster of artists who wish to similarly support this ideal by providing their work for free. Local communities of musicians and artists begin to reflect the online community formed within and awareness spreads naturally, with basic human exchanges, in a way that less-personal typical "netlabels" lack. As of 2011, DWS represents over 47 different artists from 9 different countries and 4 continents.

Social Networking 

Support DEEPWHITESOUND by associating with and sharing what you find here with friends. You can find us on Facebook (deepwhitesounddotcom) and on Twitter (@deepwhitesound).

Looking for New Artists 

We are open to hosting / releasing work from artists that have experimental work to offer the public, and would like to be a part of deepwhitesound and its community of artists. If you would like to release your work through deepwhitesound, please find more information and learn how to APPLY HERE.