“davis Hooker and evan Spacht met over a chessboard at mother Foucault’s bookshop in the winter of 2014. Interest in the games began to dwindle as the conversation turned to “newmusic” and a shared excitement for exploring noise in a crucially more refined way. Though the duo would not meet again for many months, an intense correspondence of long and detailed E-mails ensued. With a shared general disdain for the current state of self indulgent meandering, the so called “experimental music” of countless other “artists”, it was agreed that these PANTING projects were to be constructed conceptually from start to finish, then meticulously scored, and then finally performed.

Hooker would introduce Spacht to Four track tape loops. Quickly this formed a sonic and structural foundation for which to construct, deconstruct, and mutate by other means. Materials salvaged from live performances or improvisations, field recording, were often recycled, collaged and superimposed to create foreign aural scenarios. All variables of the duo configuration are considered.

PANTING expresses an interest in exploring acoustic & psychoacoustic principles through sound spatialization, instrument building, and recording experiments. PANTING periodically plans and executes pieces of new music in north america on analog equipment and acoustic instruments.”


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