mikey yeda

“Linear was never comfortable… it shows in the sound and action. Trained for years as a kid to be the best couch surfer i know. Ideally, I’d be way more adept at astral projection.

Just tryin to find the yoke of everything, memory is weight, just make sure the center of gravity agrees with the thumbs. Shed constantly before brittleness sets in. This is the recipe for now. Would you drink a shaman’s urine? I would.
I want to improvise with you. Lets break a sweat.”

people / bands i have collaborated with:

Jay Korber / Ettrick
Sergio Iglesias and the Latin Love Machine
Dylan Reznick ( we were Cobra Bubbles )
Okay ( hello Marty! )
Tree Dusk Muir
Rent Romus ( Lords of Outland, Edgetone Records )
Shunga ( Aaron K )
Jake Flynn ( Wormhole )
Uvovu & Yeda (currently active)

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