lazaros ioannidis

Lazaros Ioannidis
( 1968 – ?)

“Since the age of 11, I guess you could say that I’ve been wrestling with music all my all my life. She’s been my constant mistress. There have been times when we’ve brought joy to each other’s lives, and times of heartache; moments when we’ve been true to each other and fickle in the next breath. Our relationship is such a wonderful thing and yet there’s so much that has been discouraging in between the times of hope, all of which leads to the real dilemma: Are we truly meant for each other? I know it all sounds so ‘maudlin’, (as my friend’s father would say,) but the fact is, it’s the honest truth.

I graduated from Queen’s University in Music, having studied electroacoustic composition under David Keane and Kristi Allik, and traditional/avant-garde composition under John Burge, Norman Sherman, and Clifford Crawley.

I have composed music for independent movies/ video documentaries, and have been fortunate to have some major works performed in public, all of which have been local productions.

Currently, I am re-discovering my interest and love in the avant-garde / experimental genres: they truly seem to ‘speak’ to me, probably because they are a ‘playground’ for the imagination, and I just happen to be so immature at heart.

I still don’t know exactly what place music has in my life, I only know that it continues to have one.
That, in itself, has to mean something.

I wish you all well.


contact: Lazaros Ioannidis
195 Sheridan st.,
Kingston, Ontario,
K7P 3E4.


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