julien beau


“French composer, he works in the fields of music, video, and sound art. Based on composition and improvisation, his music explores concrete sounds and instruments using electronic gross. Musician and pianist who especially studied with Vovka Ashkenazy during his youth, discovering Debussy and Rachmaninov music, he has been graduated by the Bordeaux Music Academy in the Christian Eloy electroacoustic composition class. He also developed his first visual approach of sound with the support of SCRIME and Musiques et Recherches.

Julien Beau is playing electroacoustic music but he’s influenced by various musical ways : modern music, jazz and improvisation ; think about Pierre-Henry, Debussy, but also Art ensemble of Chicago, and Ornette Coleman. “Reflet” was his first cd-r limited edition released on Aposiopèse Records. Since 2006 his works were played at Bordeaux, Paris, Brussels, Los Angeles, Montréal and Beijing. He is currently composing in Paris close to GRM.

website: julienbeau.wordpress.com

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