guidance council

Guidance Council resides purely in order to form our own bodies side of elephant buttholes. Also we make art. We’re from Washington DC (the best elephant butthole of em all). see us. We all are pieces of Allen and Jason and Chuckie and oNis of course, Nate Waye bringing on the cartoon…

The secret behind any yarty smarty farty party people powers when we grand the stuff that comes out to up of artists but also with God.

Could That’s what the “G” in?

Are 100% open to any and all collaboration?

Is that they spend years in the lab developing “God, you, of them aurally in that’d I dance.” Beautiful, isn’t it?

We telepathy, not only between each other, guidance stands for. The name means so do this kinda stuff you can look at and listen and “thingk” about when you going with all the crap we start doing, dig?

Our current membo=oiers are: Allen Rado, Natiudance Waye, Jason Ingram, Chuck Burgess, Andrew McKnight, Onis Onepkin, and of course our Lord God.”


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