endless roar

“Endless Roar is the pet musical project of composer/ musician/ visual artist Jachin Pousson (b.1983, USA) based in Riga, Latvia since 2012. His work has often explored synesthetic bindings drawn from nature, memory, and emotion. Thus, a performance by Endless Roar always seeks to create an unusual multi-sensory impact, and is always reinvented live so as to be experienced in its most potent form in each new context.

“There are a number of concert ideas piling up just awaiting the right space, or enough resources, but we always do the absolute most we can with what we have.”

At the heart of an Endless Roar performance is always an element of guided improvisation with one other musician. Depending on the context, Jachin performs on a combination of drums, electric guitar, electronics and visuals. The most long-standing local collaboration has been with Arvydas Kazlauskas (b. 1982, Lithuania), one of the leading saxophonists in Riga, but has recently re-included an outstanding baritone electric guitarist Kevin Ghosty (b.1983, Singapore), with whom Jachin achieved national recognition and toured numerous festivals in Asia, Australia, the Middle East and USA as a drummer while based in Singapore from 2005-2010 in the electro-rock group Firebrands.

“Back then, Kevin and I would improvise within a kind of extreme noise rock for hours in pitch blackness together. Some studios banned us! But I believe practicing that for some years brought about a heightened spiritual, emotional and physical awareness in improvisation – a kind that seeks to push the limits of physicality till it’s barely possible. The resulting sensation is something I can never quite get enough of. When playing with Arvydas, we reach that peak by a different route, building up giant waves of sound from fragmented textures before finally breaking loose. When we reach the tipping point, sounds emerge that I’ve never heard before or thought possible on saxophone, even while training as a contemporary composer.”

Both Arvydas and Kevin feature heavily in Endless Roar’s debut release in 2016.

Pousson is a contemporary composer, musician and media specialist based in Riga, Latvia. Beginning as a hardcore rock drummer based in Singapore, he founded the electro-rock group Firebrands which after gaining national distribution through EMI, toured numerous festivals in Asia, Australia, the Middle East and USA from 2007-2010. His musical career took an sharp turn when he moved to Copenhagen in 2010 to study contemporary composition at the Royal Danish Academy of Music under Hans Abrahamsen. Subsequently attracted by the sound of the music coming from the Baltics, he relocated his studies to Riga where he earned an MA in composition at Jazep Vitols Latvian Music Academy studying under Rolands Kronlaks.

His academic works have seen 3 to 5 premiers every year since 2013 by musicians, choirs and ensembles which have included Sinfonietta Riga, and the Orchestra Riga. Simultaneously, he formed the band Endless Roar which seeks to explore semi-improvised audio/visual ideas.

At present he remains an active participant and performer in the academic, electroacoustic and rock music scenes in Riga, and is a PhD candidate in Musicology at JVLMA.”

website: rainworld.wix.com/jachinpousson
facebook: facebook.com/endlessroarmusic
soundcloud: soundcloud.com/endlessroar

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