DWS177: Nat Evans – More Excellent Impermanence

“There are a number of field recordings I used to create this piece, and sort of took an open-window approach to how the floor of this fictional building might sound. So, you hear some internal sounds – cooking, using office devices and so on – and also many external such as traffic, birds, a fly, a cat, and also a coyote! So, just as one might interact with the environment indoors, while carrying out one’s daily life the myriad sounds from the neighborhood drift in as well from time to time.

I tried to draw some parallels between Seattle (my home) and San Francisco in the sounds as well. Many of the wooden structures of San Francisco buildings are made from beams of old growth Doug Fir trees from lowland forests near Seattle, as are many of the buildings here including my own home, where some of the field recordings were made. Also, just like Seattle and Portland, coyotes have colonized San Francisco in the wake of missing predators like wolves. Of course there are many other different sounds between the cities but I tried to create and choose field recordings based on similarities to help the listener consider the way people have been interacting with their environment and how that effects their sounds as well – a sonic story of the West Coast.”