DWS176: Black Quantum Futurism – Temporal Atonement

“A soundscape-walkshop that offers the listener a historical perspective regarding the Indigenous people living in the San Francisco Bay area. The walkshop portion considers the relationship with the Muwekwa Ohlone tribe to the tribal lands (space) and the heavy fog that protected them for over 200 years (time) from colonialism and genocide brought by the Spanish colonizers and missionaries. The unvaders had arrived in other parts of the west coast as early as 1532, but did not invade the Bay area until 1775. Throughout the years and the ever-changing landscape of San Francisco, the Indigenous people persistt and have never left the lands they have called home since possibly as early as 4000 BCE.

The soundscape shifts in and out of a walking confessional booth, giving the listener an opportunity to confess future and past memories and to seek atonement for them in the now moment, and into the spiraling cycles of quantum eternity. These memories depend on a primal temporal circuit that can be emitted forward or backwards into the fog,triggering superimposed offer and echo waves in the linear present. The fog also acts as a motherboard, protecting and harnessing the energies of confessed memories, activating their atonement.”