DWS173: Ben Glas – Inging (From My Space To Yours)

“The work presented in this release is interactive and malleable; an attempt to discover and present repeated patterns of sinewaves and acoustic beats in space over time. Its intent, if any, is to highlight the external and internal listening and experiential space of each individual listener. There are no set guidelines to interacting with this work, yet I do want to pose a question: How do we compose our perception in space and time? “Inging” is an attempt to discover and question different modes of experiential music; a potential pathway for the individual and scores of listeners to connect with their momentary awareness and question how we exhibit, experience and share this space. Influenced by 19th Century phenomenology and the teaching of Zen, “Inging” is a constant unfolding of events through the action and composing of each individual participant. All sonic information is given from the very beginning: It is what we do with this information that creates each of our own ephemeral composition.

This piece can be played through headphones, though I would advise listening to Inging through a stereo speaker system for the full spatial effect.

Thank You For Your Understanding,
Ben Glas”