DWS167: Louise Harris – Auroculis

Louise Harris’ Auroculis is a collection of video works that serve as translations of digital audio compositions. Harris’ visual-aural explorations into synaesthetic experience made possible through digital technologies hint at a mimicry of the generative process of looking. The result of her investigations are works that rely on projection, location and duration for full contextual consideration. Here she presents in digital download several fixed examples of this process, a mere glimpse at the potentiality of immersive visual music through expanded cinema installation.

“These three pieces are all generative audiovisual works that investigate relationships between sonic form, through time, and visual form, through space. In pletten and ilsonilus:1, these investigations also include the nature of the spaces in which they are presented, as they are intended for expanded audiovisual installation format – pletten on two opposite screens in a small space and ilsonilus:1 in either a cylindrical or fulldome projection format.”