DWS104: The Big Drum In The Sky Religion – Parallel Eostre

“here we play with eostre, recurring and renewing in an endless spiral, a little different each loop, but always the same. she cycles ‘round and ‘round, appearing in time and in every new human, and in every human in unexpected ways, exciting and inviting, awaking our senses to the joy of living and being alive. she is the image of spring, with her flowers and bunnies, easily slipping out of her gown for a roll in the grass, but a goddess and therefore unanchored in time. she is eternally now, springing simultaneous.

infinite forms / one eostre.

or something like that. when we started, the title was just a tip o’ the medicine hat to some fellow travelers and the long middle section of repeating loops just seemed like an easy way to fill a bunch of space between the two live recordings. this is the way these things happen – we blunder on ahead, half-assed and whole-hearted, never really sure what we’re doing or how it’s going to turn out and the results somehow become better than we would’ve expected if we still bothered to have expectations.”