{AN} EeL

“Neal D Retke is a former Two – Time “ Gnarliest Mustache “ Texas Regional Champion, ( Since Retired ), Longtime Vegetarian, and Certifiable Nutter whose visual arts background include hanging out alone in museums at night, Heavy involvement in the “ Global Network “ of Mail Art during the 80’s & 90’s as well as participation in various group & solo shows over the years.

My sonic background include membership in a number of different units ( The Jon Lovitz Experience, Hippies With Guns, Pavlov’s Industrial Sarong, and – Just recently and still – PAN PAN PAN { AVIAN DISTRESS CALL } ) as well as my Solo outings as {AN} EeL which includes collaborations with folks such as Jaap Blonk, KK Null, Dylan Nyoukis, Dame Darcy, Crank Sturgeon, Ralph White, Frank Pahl & Many others.
These collaborations have resulted in a series of collaborative CDS & Online releases entitles SASQUATCH, of which there are two volumes thus far ( The third & possibly fourth are almost ready – Anyone wanna fund a physical release ? ) See Link Below.

The links below are to my various Facebook & BandCamp site including a link to a short movie that was made about me by some young Belgians. ”

website: nealdretkeforpresident.com
on facebook: { AN } Eel ( Neal D. Retke )
on bandcamp: PAN PAN PAN (avian distress call)
on soundcloud: Neal Retke

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