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“Amir Coyle (born Honolulu, Hawaii 19 October 1987) is an American performance and recording artist based out of San Francisco, California. Coyle is known best for his performances Burial (circa 2008 – 2009) and Projection of Heaven (2010 – present). Musically, his work consists primarily of voices to create entire musical structures ranging from heavy choral orchestrations to experimental soundscapes to pop oriented pieces. Coyle’s vocal range frequently travels the full vocal scale from a deep baritone to a high falsetto, his elements range from choral harmonies, throat singing, beat boxing and balladry lyrical leads.

His performances deal with a wide range of physical and metaphysical subject matter, heavy on the sexual aspect of spirituality while often times very demure despite the high level of energy. Burial was created as a way for Coyle to “send positive healing energy” towards his mother who had been battling breast cancer for 7 years and connect to others dealing with a similar grief by dancing away the pain with bravery, channeling spaces in performance and sound that have rarely been inhibited in modern art.

Projection of Heaven is a full production performance with various characters, costumes and choreographed dancing headlined by Coyle’s strange and endearing vocal ballads.”

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