“Hailing from the south, experimental noise merchant John Parnell is the sole musician attached to 061180. Birmingham, Alabama is the location of this project along with it’s homebase/studio, Omicron. Their first E.P. (With house, in age) was released in September of 2013 via Peacock Window Recordings as a digital release. Other straight to digital releases (available through bandcamp and lastfm) have followed: the E.P. “Are you there God, it’s me Dean” and the single “Thus always tyrants” have been self-released. The coming year holds more things to come for 061180. On the horizon is two full length physical compact discs. One set for early 2014 and the
later in the summer.”

on facebook: facebook.com/061180.nhojllenrap

bandcamp: 061180.bandcamp.com

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