DWS147: Luke Phillips – Static Sunsets

Static Sunsets is aural ascension, iridescent orbs blown from nets of chunky digital malfunction and bit-warped transmissions. the translation is ontological – psychedelia that only has a sound because it must. cued from IDM missteps, bad telephones and video malign, this release follows some path usually reserved for alien games and horror film rewrites, but ends up somewhere alone, private, and typing a letter to itself before it oscillates right out. Originally self-released in CD-R format with handsewn packaging + 8 pg booklet. Re-released on DWS.

DWS146: Stephen Emmerson – Witchcraft

“Witchcraft is a response to notions of evil in western culture, and how it has been assimilated into the mainstream through tv shows, artwork, novels, and films. It features violin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar. Each part has been time stretched and layered with effects until the whole thing sounds like the devils orchestra playing rhapsodies in a sewer.”

DWS145: their teeth to points – but i do know that the door was shut behind them

“but i do know that the door was shut behind them is a haunting soundscape; a dark textural drone that shifts and gradually evolves throughout the one hour runtime.  This album consists of a single track and was constructed by stretching and manipulating the earliest known recording a human voice, a distorted 10 second clip of the French inventor Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville singing Au Clair de la Lune, which was recorded in 1860.  but i do know that the door was shut behind them is part conceptual sound art project, part dark ambient / noise soundscape.”

DWS144: {An} EeL – Night Eel Legumes ( Source of the Ghost Pepper Beans )

Solo vocal / noise / improvisational vehicle of noise-wig-maker Neal D. Retke, presenting a collection of recordings culled from online repositories and deep sonic sanctuaries. Ranging from electro-acoustic compositions to spastic, multi-tracked tone poems cut with a liberal dose of absurdist humor, cartoon outlines and psychedelic dissociation.

DWS143: New Fast – New Fast VI

Using salvaged cassettes and samples from decades old hip-hop, funk and r&b as a palette, San Francisco-based New Fast distorts, stretches and blends his sound into compositions that feel heavy and viscous with a deep, layered blur. Stuck grooves curl in phase mutations, narcotic beats form from an arrhythmic evolution, sudden halts and stylistic flips comprise the purposefully disorienting world of flat and glossy ambient cycles depicted on this release.

DWS142: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Year of the Horse

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt employs his signature “accidental guitar” method on another release of haunting, sonically jarring loops. At times cavernous and resonant as a cathedral, his recordings explore the depths of the drone, exploiting glitches and mutating overtones into chorus-like swells, mechanical revolutions and washes of beaded static. These five meditations upon cyclical time and the ubiquity of the elements seek to elevate our natural world to pure and infinite tonality, soaring above us like mass aural hallucinations.

DWS141: Sherman Ho – Erioplke orary ellerk, gruwlly?

The modified / prepared guitar provides the impetus for this album of minimalist, atonal improvisations. Pluck and scrape of raw string, truncated phrases, lost chords comprise this work of broken folk from Hong Kong instrumentalist Sherman Ho.

DWS140: Taijeery – Baby Fat

Carnival of latency errors, drops and glitch-outs. MIDI damage in the 21st century / bad gamer noise. These tracks bounce with digital elasticity, override warbles and a circuit-bent sense of humor.

DWS139: TAHNZZ – Born In Space EP

“The sounds and images collected here represent a time and place that no longer exists. Santa Rita is part of my family history–its environmental, economic, and social history. It’s a place that faded away until it finally vanished. Few artifacts endure; they remain born in space.”

DWS138: Julien Beau – Miniatures

A pair of delicate compositions, haunting and restrained in its sonic range. Muted bells, quiet tones, pops of amplified air and breathy scratches stagger these compositions, feeling like a scene isolated from some wider cinematic narrative. Footsteps / absence / small things to look at.

DWS137: SKRMKD – Phormantphant

“Album contains selected soundwaves
which attracted hypersensitive* Phormantphant’s earsnails,
then absorbed and stored for your pleasure and unpredictable experience from each tiny piece.”

DWS136: Colon Apostrophe Semicolon – Stucked

“filth and disgust, hell and fear, with no where to go and nothing to hear, but reflections of hatred, slime and muck, left in the dirt to die and suck, life out of the body, death and memorial, buried alive, stucked and hysterical, with twelve thousand years of putrid loops, only to find warmth in the boots, of another person, gone and mistrusted, facing a misleading cry for lust, and there he whispered.”

DWS135: Spectacle Arrangement – Huggien Whuen

Electro-acoustic composition with conventional and non-conventional instruments, field recordings and over-processed sounds layered over each other on the latest EP by Spectacle Arrangement. Originally conceived as one side of a two-track release, Huggien Whuen gradually developed over months of recording and editing experimentation. “These are older essences piled up. Do they talk to one another? Sort of. But here they are, pushed together – I think that’s fine.”

DWS134: Jordan Dykstra – How Do You Feel (Micromix)

“This is the Micro Mix of ambient drone based composer Jordan Dykstra’s piece How Do You Feel? (Takes Swift Strides, 2009, Marriage Records), written for solo viola and electronics slowed down 2000%. Remixed at the BCS.”

DWS133: 061180 – Echoes of Conversation

Bassy oscillations, washes of noisey drone, repetitive electronic tones peak through a haze of aerated static. Atmospheric dirges reproduce the ambivalence of dialogue, flanged approximations of vocalisation drift in and out of this seven-minute piece by recording artist 061180.

DWS132: Consumer – Bash It To The Feat / Seeing Is Believing

Double release of blown out DIY improvisational beat-heavy electronic music – blasted drum machines, off-the-cuff vocals in overdrive, arrhythmic dance party. Bash It To The Feat is a collection of sequestered jams from the summer of 2013. Seeing Is Believing is a live audio and video set at The Point in the St. John neighborhood of Portland, OR.

DWS131: Portland Bike Ensemble – Session Extracts

Collection of various jam session recordings from PDX collective Portland Bike Ensemble. Using nothing but contact mics and the bicycles they rode in on, this ever-shifting and open collective of musicians twist, rattle and crank a variety of otherworldly groans and screeches from their prepared instruments. Harmonic and even vocal elements pierce through the din of mechanical noises on Session Extracts to insinuate a human origin of an otherwise alien document. Players featured on this recording are Trish Pádraic, Conchita Rivera, Derek Monypeny, Charles Boardman, and Cody Brant.

DWS130: Trans Atlantic Rage – Depth Realm

Atmospheric electronics, ragged textured electro-acoustics, amplified hard across two tracks from veteran noise-maker and experimentalist Shadow Entity Wizard (Jared C. Balogh). Utilizing ample processing and digital editing, Balogh’s work as Trans Atlantic Rage on Depth Realm seamlessly blends live, found and virtual source material into an intense, psychoacoustic exploration.

DWS129: Daitse – DNA

“Synths sculpted from blocks of biochemical noise. Sampling the molecular basis of life: DNA. Experimental ambient gore.

These songs were made by transforming the NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) spectra of the building blocks of DNA –adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine- into audiovisual spectrograms. The spectrograms were then ‘sculpted’ into a kind of texture and used as blueprints.”

DWS128: Andrew and the TV Cowboys – Dixieland EP

Using a mix of live instrumentation, self-recorded snippets of isolated acousmata and public domain samples, electronic artist Andrew Cosentino (as Andrew and the TV Cowboys) chases the exploration of sound and applies it to a strong foundation in composition. Dixieland is a collection of recordings, introspective and euphoric. Some instruments used include Piano, Guitar, Synthesizer, Bass, Drum Kit, Clarinet, Viola, Kalimba, Bulbul Tarang, Sitar, Radio, Sampler, Laptop.

DWS127: Path To Lobster Believers – Guys

“musique concrete & sound collage wizard-bossed by justin marc lloyd of chicago, usa. irrelevant lo-fi source content, self-recorded and found alike. electronics and circuit-bending, voice poetry, acoustic guitar, films, natural ambiance, voicemails, kitchenware, found objects forced into abstract instrumentation, found sounds and fluxus/dada free association. tapes, tapes, tapes. intentionally bizarre opuses as the result blending, transitioning, repurposing. freak-garbage and chauffeured by garbled spirituality.”

DWS126: City Dragon – Lymph Healer

Lymph Healer has grown of experience with:

Magnetic Mattresses, Reiki, Adam the DreamHealer, Unreasonable Hope, Hydro Therapy, Yoga, Tiny crosses drawn in discrete places on basement walls, Kneeling prayers on kitchen floors, Telephone calls from fortune tellers,
Self inflicted rites of passage, Astrological anatomies, OCD, Therapeutic Meditation Software, Prosthetic Joints.”

DWS125: Emmanuele Gattuso – Plaything EP

Slow-burn confessional. Six tracks of static wash, lo-frequency turbulence and somber lyrical interludes. Secrets from a ring modulator, the deep crush of emotional wreckage. All tracks produced by Raffaele Bassetti and Emmanuele Gattuso. Artwork by Anna Kraay.

DWS124: Sonia de Saint Juste – La Grande Heure

“With the title I tried to reflect the ephemary aspect of this songs: order (Ordre) is something very simple and make to be obey and not understand and Suite (Suite) is for the idea of an orchestral or instrumental suite: the music is here to capte the environnement and help the mind to remember or create new feelings.”

DWS123: Tomás Tello – Winter Worm Summer Grass

Recording artist and lo-fi performer Tomás Tello presents the internet release of Winter Worm Summer Grass, originally a limited edition cassette capturing a live performance at the Noc Muzeów festival in Gdansk, Poland, along with a collection of field recordings on the flip side.

DWS122: colon apostrophe semicolon – tape with jade

Intimate sounds captured, sequenced and manipulated methodically by hand – in bedrooms, in cars, in secret areas for and with someone absent.

DWS121: Orgasmagoria – Primo

Internet as a landscape, formed by electro-acoustic recording, snagged and twisted on bitrate crush, washed in digital distortion.

“6 songs about various things made at various times throughout 2012.”

DWS120: George Christian – Some Instrumental Pieces for Guitar and Other Instruments

A re-issue of a 2011 compilation of acousmatic, improvisational, microtonal and experimental compositions for guitar and other instruments by composer George Christian Vilela Pereira.

DWS119: John H Taylor – Sketches from Hickory Creek

Solo bassist John H Taylor submits a collection of compositional sketches drawing from a history of math-rock and metal-influenced projects, stripped bare and gently tuned towards drone, experimentation and improvisation.

DWS118: The Big Drum In The Sky Religion – The Psychedelic Zounds Of

“When one invents a tuning, even a tuning as ridiculous and jarring as Open Zounds, one feels compelled to actually use it once in a while, especially when it lends itself so easily to dumb puns. Immersion in such sonic cesspools and swirling screams of subconsciousness fragment the fetters that bind the mind to the boring horror of the normal and facilitates revelations of liberation.

Then again, I did take a lot of LSD when I was younger….”

DWS117: The Nihilist Fisherman – SoloSketcheS

Discordant solo electric guitar recordings exploring improvisational form and the lofi aesthetic from Italy’s Vito Pesce. An assembly of DIY sketches and ideas for further development. Restrained, sinister, uncharted.

DWS116: Emmanuele Gattuso – Beams

Italy’s Emmanuele Gattuso whose work bridges lofi confessional songwriting, heavy industrial driven loops and electro-acoustic based electronic ambient into a singular, moody collection. Electronic whispers, ominous low-tone, smouldering static.

DWS115: Chors Blor – Both Loaves

Collaboration between Chors Blor / Christ Phyr Blyr and host Adrian X Sands of WLUW Chicago’s Spontaneous Earth radio programme. Six years of sample-heavy musique concrete / schizoid-electronica remixed and edited to two tracks, presented for download here for the first time.

DWS114: New Fast – The Sound and the Fury

Part screengazer meditation, part beat-heavy audio collage, this collection of instrumentals by New Fast reference beat culture of west coast hip hop, shifted down to a hazy, narcotic speed. Broken samples, blown bass lines, repetitive loops disappear towards a singularity – never over the edge / not quite out of sight. Upcycling old cassette tapes of decades-old home recordings, radio captures and found sound, New Fast cuts, screws and smooths each track to textural perfection.

DWS113: Brainplane – The Sad Truth of Celestial Wars

Using an arsenal self-generated of loops and samples, an array of home-made, altered or prepared electric guitars and a moniker that denotes the head-tripped quality of his recordings, Miller Royer AKA Brainplane creates lo-fi skewed pop soundscapes based on improvisation and live experimentation.

DWS112: Matthias Boss & Marcello Magliocchi – Almost Morning

“From a series of collaborations between Matthias Boss and Marcello Magliocchi. Marcello Magliocchi plays sound sculptures by Andrea Dami, made of various metals including iron, brass, copper, steel, aluminum and featuring other elements like strings, stones and gongs. Matthias Boss plays violin.”

DWS111: Tomás Tello – El Silencio Sísmico

“This record was made between June and September of 2012. I used only portable devices (walkmans, FM transmitters, dictaphones, journalist type digital recorders, cameras, AM radios, etc). Some of the recordings were made with magnetophone, others with professional walkman and others with a Roland digital recoder. Most of the music i make is related to dance or was made in between dance rehearsals, because i usually work with dance pieces (especially Butoh dance with my girlfriend , Yuko Kominami). The title (El Silencio Sísmico) refers to the period of time where there are no earthquakes (silence), but the earth is charging its energy for the next one.”

DWS110: Guidance Council – Ingram

Hard-boiled electronics and atypical computer manipulation from Guidance Council, an enigmatic arts collective from Washington DC, USA. Four tracks of highly processed & deeply distorted samples and sputters, live recordings mixed with generative sound, with the spastic overtones of soundcard latency glitches – DIY from the digital age.

DWS109: Marcello Magliocchi & Nicola Guazzaloca – Live at Bluorg

“The birth of this duo goes back to a short and fulminant set, played in the occasion of the MAB Trio concert at the SPM Ivan Illich in Bologna (IT). In this following meeting, recorded in Bari for the “Fonosextant” live series directed by M. Magliocchi, the potential of that spark is evolved and highlighted by the outrightness of a strong performance with high level of telepathy and creativeness. Recorded live on April 23rd, 2012, Bluorg – Fonosextant series (Bari – IT)”

DWS108: Idol Eyes – Frameworks

“This album is an examination of language and maths. bred from intermittent bursts of spontaneous creativity during a 4 year silence, this album explores the possibilities of translating syntax into sound. each track examines a texture at a macro level, eventually weaving together to create one giant shape.”

DWS107: The Big Drum In The Sky Religion – The High Lonesome Zounds Of…

“At work, one night in 2009, I suddenly thought “What if I tuned the mandolin D/D#, G/G#, G/G#, D/D#, and then piled other acoustic instruments, tuned to the same notes, on top of that?” It didn’t come to me in words like that – the concept just popped in from some other zone. That happens sometimes. As the project developed, it began to sound like a stringband from 1919 trying to play harsh noise, which brought together some genres I love. “Zounds” is a medieval contraction of “His wounds”, referring to the wounds of Christ. “High Lonesome” is just ol’ mountain music from the Appalachians rising up all around where I live, here in Virginia.”

DWS106: Marcello Magliocchi & Maresuke Okamoto – _Duo

“The work is a collaboration between Marcello and Maresuke on web. Marcello also works with sounding sculptures made by Maestro Andrea Dami and made these tracks to the Fortezza Smilea in Pistoia/Tuscany , Italy. Maresuke received tracks in Tokyo, Japan …and played!…both musicians working in the field of instant composition / improvised music…The use of these technologies has enabled us to overcome the barriers of space and time…has allowed us to extend our “hear the sound” and work on the composition of mutual architectures composition of light and shadow, solid and void…of presence and absence.”

DWS105: Lomz & Lezet – Kalabaluk

“Two Serbia-based music makers join their forces on this EP using each other’s track as reference points.Both Lomz & Lezet were intent on imbuing these tracks with their respective voices and approaches to song-crafting. Their mutual interest in obsolete personal computers and consoles and chiptune music was what got them working together, but this had very little to do with the Kalabaluk EP.”

DWS104: The Big Drum In The Sky Religion – Parallel Eostre

“here we play with eostre, recurring and renewing in an endless spiral, a little different each loop, but always the same. she cycles ‘round and ‘round, appearing in time and in every new human, and in every human in unexpected ways, exciting and inviting, awaking our senses to the joy of living and being alive. she is the image of spring, with her flowers and bunnies, easily slipping out of her gown for a roll in the grass, but a goddess and therefore unanchored in time. she is eternally now, springing simultaneous.

infinite forms / one eostre.

or something like that. when we started, the title was just a tip o’ the medicine hat to some fellow travelers and the long middle section of repeating loops just seemed like an easy way to fill a bunch of space between the two live recordings. this is the way these things happen – we blunder on ahead, half-assed and whole-hearted, never really sure what we’re doing or how it’s going to turn out and the results somehow become better than we would’ve expected if we still bothered to have expectations.”

DWS103: pietro riparbelli – silent dreams

“This work has been realized thanks to recordings made within my house during a night in 2011 while I was sleeping.”

DWS102: Matthias Boss & Marcello Magliocchi – Music for a Quiet Night

“From a series of collaborations between Matthias Boss and Marcello Magliocchi. Marcello Magliocchi plays sound sculptures by Andrea Dami, made of various metals including iron, brass, copper, steel, aluminum and featuring other elements like strings, stones and gongs. Matthias Boss plays violin.”

DWS101: sun of 81 – III

First DWS release by Southern California ambient-noise duo Sun of 81. Two tracks of drone, shifting between stuttered electronic cacophony, gentle loops of static-drenched harmonics and ominous, distant swells. Calamitous signals bounce off the magnetosphere, back and forth in collaborative dissonance toward a great-final-something.

DWS100: ONE HUNDRED: here, a boundless sound

In honor of DEEPWHITESOUND’s 100th release this compilation of new, unreleased work exemplifies the wide range of sounds composed & performed, recorded & mutated by the dozens of artists who have provided their work to be distributed here. A celebration of and thanks to all who support the free exchange of music and art.

Featuring work from:
George Christian (Brazil), Boner Pallace (USA), Little Spoon (USA), The Human Kind (USA), Wartime Tapestry (UK), Sounds the Songs of Seabirds (CA), Lezet (Serbia), New Fast (USA), Pregnant Spore (USA), Nelhma Chesmsa (?), Yacob (USA), Michael Curtis Hilde (USA), Crest Fear Blur (USA), Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (USA), Talk Midway (USA), Dreamboat Crusaderz (USA), Mason Butler (USA), Idol Eyes (USA), Dirt Alive (USA)

DWS099: Flowers – TSA Suite

Pulse + drone, heavy effect, head-down movement.

“Recorded somewhere in California,
state of exception.”

DWS098: The Human Kind – Shove A Carrot In My Mouth And Call Me A Dog

A collection of distorted and disturbed electro-acoustic expressions. Processed and spliced instruments pocked with effected, spoken vocals and the grit of harsh editing form a dysmorphic “hello”.

“All instruments played by The Human Kind. All lyrics improvised. Remember- this is not serious music. Any lyrics that may sound serious (“With the right to mentality, the people will peep out”) is nonsense.”

DWS097: james the band – solitude

Solo acoustic guitar-oriented tracks recorded entirely in mono directly through laptop. Digital lo-fi ranging from wide & shimmering instrumental songs evoking the “new weird america” aesthetic, to warped drone, deeply dissonant and richly distorted.

DWS096: Wolf Like Dog – WA-YA

“Wolf Like Dog is one of the many projects of Ronny. It’s a solo drum project using pedals and cell phone made background rhythms. Its made to be played loud and spazz out!”

DWS095: New Fast – Nacht des Mondes

A lo-fi blend of vicarious, submerged pop tunes and swirls of shifted drone. This second release from New Fast clings to the surface barely, peering in anti-rhythmic fits towards an endless center.

DWS094: Sounds The Songs of Seabirds – Handbook for Acoustic Ecology

“The Handbook for Acoustic Ecology takes its name from Barry Truax’s (Ed.) work, originally published in 1978. This reference work compiles all major terminology from the fields of acoustics, psychoacoustics, environmental acoustics and noise measurement, electroacoustics, music, linguistics, and soundscape studies, with extensive cross-references and straightforward explanations.

Photograph by Frank Singley.”

DWS093: wartime tapestry – storms

“All music written and recorded by Wartime Tapestry at the end of 2011. Limited run of 50,
in handmade packaging. Slow shifting drones inspired by the daily routine.”

DWS092: Lazaros Ioannidis – The Nervous Breakdowns of Discobole The Lesser

“Something’s wrong but you don’t know what it is, do you?”

This album represents humankind’s constant struggle with emotional and psychological conflict, and the search for some kind of resolution. Cover art by Anna Cervova.

DWS091: Pregnant Spore – Tyjaya/Xanadu

“Xanadu was the name of the summer capital of Kublai Khan’s Yuan Dynasty in China. Xanadu was a story told by the Venetian traveler Marco Polo. In 1797, it inspired a famous poem, Kubla Khan, by one of the leading English poets of the Romanticism movement, Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The band Rush, a huge Pregnant Spore influence, also had a song titled ‘Xanadu’ based on this very poetry. Additionally, Jane Yolen wrote a book called Xanadu (and Xanadu 2) which was the introduction into the history of Xanadu in my own personal life. I stumbled across the book wandering the library as a kid and my life has never been the same. Sonically and technically speaking, this release is extremely experimental in nature and covers many facets of avant sound-art using manipulated electronics and tapes.”

DWS090: standard noise – artamotive sets

“Live performances at artamotive gallery, ne mpls, recorded 3.20.04. 4 tracks, complete sets by Michael Abraham, Mr. Density vs The Golden Wire and Sonomex. accompanied by ‘instant art’ courtesy jim carmouche & recorded by gabe.”

DWS089: ghost volcano – raw stars

Haunted screeches and harsh electronic collisions conjured on this debut release from 3-piece weirdo noise collective Ghost Volcano. Tracks 1 and 2 are from a recording session that took place in Mayo, MD in November 2011. The first track includes a guest appearance by Tyler Grimsley on bass. The last track, Raw Stars, is an all-acoustic track recorded last year in Baltimore, MD.

DWS088: spectacle arrangement – scramlight

“Left it, kept own – now stuck and reverend, – thought simple special set. Sits like whatever groups around, should stick by it – – keeps like larger makings, always always always kept, – – just when what the “tube” was stepping far down the roads so, so many regular folks .. – held the largest red-around, all the time when it was all around. Think mainly proper for it, though sits and doesn’t take up what that large space named not through any beginning but kicks up part of the way around, – stays stays stays and since now the bits all shining and pushing up tiny marks to stay there. . . – Liking it here, making what could stay in the knowing place – , where it was all figured to giving, put away.

And when those big piles that stand only up in the air” – ….

DWS087: amniotic – unlover

Unlover, the DWS debut from Amniotic (solo project of musician Johannah Henderson) mixes lethargic, midnight vocals with methodically layered and sequenced washes of deep static, menacing percussion culled from looped field recordings and the repetitive backbone of plucked electric guitar. the marriage forms a dark undercurrent, rumors of secrets, unseen paths.

This download includes:
UNLOVER (8 Tracks + Music Video) + UNIT 63 (2 Track Mini Album + PDF)
Cover Art
Photograph of Handmade Artifacts

DWS086: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Born Under Saturn / She Lives On Light

Double track release from Berlin composer Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, utilizing elements of sampling along with his ‘accidental guitar method’. Loops of static, snips of electronic melody and manipulated vocals.

“Born Under Saturn was created after reading a book by the same name. I created [“She Lives on Light”] composition after becoming aware of a real story of a woman guru named JASMUHEEN, that say she did not eat for five years and that you only lives from light.”

DWS085: George Christian – Prelúdio Tardio

“My second album, ironically titled “Prelúdio Tardio” (“Late Prelude”). It is a semi-conceptual album consisted with two electroacoustic pieces, two proper songs and one partially improvised performance. The background story of this album carries the lateness in two aspects: of its elaboration and its (severely late) release. I planned this album for a long time and it has begun as a double album with an repertoire consisted basically of songs and some instrumentals. But there were some personal and accidental reasons that made the album take the form it has now. I decided to make this opus more consistent and with tracks in which the electroacoustic pieces serve as preludes and bridges to long electric guitar-oriented pieces. It’s an album about the human existence trying to firm its place in the cosmos in its birth, hard living, lost whereabouts, death, and fiery ressurrection until finding a sense of reflective living.

* This work is dedicated to the victims of Fukushima’s nuclear accident and of whatever other ones caused by the men’s misperception on the cosmos.”

DWS084: uvovu – fringe tapes

harsh drone / prepared guitar recorded to tape, used in a live performance at Fringe Festival Launch on Sept 11 2010 in Honolulu, HI.

DWS083: psychic handbook – fuzzy memories

The compilation Fuzzy Memories by West Oakland’s Psychic Handbook serves as a retrospective, a collection of various tracks previously released on CD-R / cassette, and never before made available on the internet. Clashing electronic drone-pop, hypnotic beats and swirling synth melodies permeate and mesmerize. Spaced out groove / scatter-dance !

DWS082: Dreamboat Crusaderz – Convent Music

“The album Convent Music was recorded by Dreamboat Crusaderz (Jesse Gold) during a sound art residency at St. Cecilia’s Convent in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Performed from inside a translucent plastic tube made by collaborator Lillian Gerson, these pieces are meditations on the body externalized into its surrounding environment. Jesse loops vocal lines over “field” recordings taken inside the convent to create ambient, chant-inspired songs heavy with harmony and dissonance.”

DWS081: Anastasia Clarke – adopt + rename

adopt & rename was recorded in the attic of the artist’s home in hudson, NY in the fall of 2010. it focuses on the spontaneous creation of loop-based drones. vocals, guitar, and electronics are performed live on this album by anastasia clarke.

DWS080: talk midway – con*tect

talk midway is a new york-based experimental musician. Con*tect, a lo-fi ambient album, was made during the winter of 2010 using thrift store keyboards, decayed Japanese pop cassettes, guitars, and lots of delay.

DWS079: sean derrick cooper marquardt – a thousand points of light

Hard collision of battling amp noise and drone loops produced by the “accidental guitar” method developed by Berlin composer Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt. Recorded live in 2010.

DWS078: nightmare drum song – nightmare drum song

NIGHTMARE DRUM SONG self-titled release of blown out drums & drones, erratic anthems of danse and dirt.

“Recorded winter 2008 in Honolulu, HI. Conceived in half waking dream states beyond temporeality. Original release on ALBACORE RECORDS.”


“une collection de morçeaux en version original, datant 2009/2010, tous réalisés par Matthieu Silec aka AEMCLM.”

“A collection of pieces in the original version, dated 2009/2010, all directed by Matthew Silec aka AEMCLM.”

DWS076: amir coyle – live at the wall

Here is an exclusive web only album, “Live at The Wail” taken from my performance on July 9th 2010 in Portland, OR. Thank you to Jessica Taylor for recording this. This live performance featured Ethan Jayne (Blood Beach, Total Bros) as the pillar saint figure, Sarah Stark ballet dancing and percussion and myself in Maison Martin Margiela.

DWS075: uvovu+yeda – x-herald / broken wing hymnal

collective-thing meets the maker, so the scramble has a superposition now. Prelude to “Church of Perpetual Freefall” in Two Parts –

m.yeda on fx vox & amp / uvovu on bike wheel & tapes. Recorded June 13, 2010 at the old Creative Research Co-operative  (Bethel St.), Honolulu HI.

DWS074: the people's pop ensemble! – solo los perros

“written and recorded in various bedrooms and bathrooms in the bay area. featuring a drum solo from Moses “manos de dios” Rios. A fun adventure through a world of shitty hooks, and just plain bad pop music. “

DWS073: uvovu – everytime we hide in yr hydraulic bones

heavy blinking or going home “for yr own safety”. field recording / composition deposit, featuring m. yeda on trumpet.

DWS072: Nelhma Chesmsa – Exorcisms

a collection of spoken word / vocal manipulation recordings from beyond the ether. 52 field recordings of reverse secrets; an anti-confessional. Recorded in 2007, released 2010.


“This tape is the result of my concerted efforts to create, write, conceive, and record a “weird hardcore record” in February 2010. All songs were recorded to 4-track in Febuary, except for those classified as the Arlprir EP, specially recorded in April to differentiate this mp3 version from the tape. I playd vocals, guitar, bass, drums, 2 clarinet halves, keyboard, and trombone. Misha did drums on “consumed” and Kim did coughs on “sick and coughing”. The title comes from the month of Februrary.”

DWS070: Belle Bête – Filth & Fresh Flowers

lo-fi anti-psych-pop from vancouver native Belle Bête, recorded to four-track some years ago and re-released with gracious permission. DIY outsider folk with skewed pop sensibility.

DWS069: uvovu – warps

uvovu - warps

disjointed bombast of amplified vinyl, destroyed turntablism & handcrank cassette tape.

DWS068: Nelhma Chesmsa – Zooscapes

nelhma chesmsa - zooscapes

psyche-scape of mangled field recordings, chamber confessionals, errant broken melodies from lurker NELHMA CHESMSA.

DWS067: Sounds the Songs of Songbirds – Soorya Namaskaram or Salutation to the Sun

Sounds the Songs of Songbirds - Soorya Namaskaram or Salutation to the Sun

“Modern life is exceedingly wearing; the noise, the excitement, the hurry, the competition, irregular hours, hard study, anxieties, worry, lack of proper food and exercise make a heavy tax on the constitution soon resulting in a breakdown of health. One can, however, be unaffected by these evils of modern civilization, if one should perform the Soorya Namaskar exercise daily and take care of the diet, and make proper use of sunshine and open air” (The King of Aundh, India 1940).

Asatho Maa Sath Gamaya
Thamaso Maa Jyothir Gamaya
Mruthyor Maa Amrutham Gamaya.
Om Shanthi. Shanthi. Shanthi

DWS066: Sounds the Songs of Seabirds – Alex Grimley's Studio Party- Live With Summer Mummy at Bennington College

Sounds the Songs of Seabirds - Alex Grimley’s Studio Party- Live With Summer Mummy at Bennington College

“Recorded live October 2nd, 2009 in the Swan garage underneath Alex Grimley’s paintings. With Summer Mummy: Anastasia Clarke: Guitars and Voice, Login Visscher: Bass and Voice, Colin Laclair: Feedback, Bob Singley: Guitar and Organ. Meowy: was not present, off hunting mice on the farm.

Thank you to Martin Zimmerman for the use of his guitar and everyone else who lent us equipment. And Swan for the organ. And everyone who brought food.”

DWS065: Sounds the Songs of Seabirds – Sparassis Crispa

Sounds the Songs of Seabirds - Alex Grimley’s Studio Party- Live With Summer Mummy at Bennington College

“Carpophore, 10-60 cm, like a cauliflower, whitish or slightly ochreous, evidently ramified, with flattened, broad, ribbonlike and intricate branches, apex yellowish and whitish or faintly pale yellow, fragile. Odor quite pleasant, faintly of aniseed, flavor pleasant, of walnut. Spores whitish to light ochre, ovoid, smooth.”

DWS064: the people's pop ensemble! – the first sword of suprisus

the people's pop ensemble! - the first sword of suprisus

“an experiment in textured sound.”

DWS063: The People's Pop Ensemble! – Cool, AIDS

the people's pop ensemble! - cool, AIDS

another tape recording drenched in lo-fi hiss and space echo dissipation from the nomadic People’s Pop Ensemble!

DWS062: AEMCLM – ( Sabr ina Music Video )

AEMCLM - ( Sabr ina Music Video )

un projet sonore qui a été utilisé dans le cadre d’un film art/documentaire video réalisé en 2008 par Sabrina Pulicani. Tout les morceaux sont réalisés par Matthieu Silec.

a sound project that has been used as part of an art film / video documentary produced in 2008 by Sabrina Pulicani.
All songs are written by Matthew Silec.

DWS061: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Where Blue Begins

sean derrick cooper marquardt - where blue begins

twelve minute piece of cascading, undulating rhythms constructed from analog loops of a sole guitar, processed and layered against itself by explorative sound artist Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt of Berlin.

DWS059: AEMCLM – Opus n° 2

AEMCLM - Opus n° 2

another collection of meticulously crafted electro-ambience & spoken word compositions by French musician Matthieu Silec. the deep lull of ebbing static, a froth of hiss, and oddly organic glitch pops comprise this intensely beautiful and intriguing album.

DWS058: Dynamo – Let Us Explore The Stars

dynamo - let us explore the stars

“We write songs about outer space, John F. Kennedy, scarves, evil robots and the future. Most of the songs are played with instruments we picked up from second-hand thrift stores.”

DWS055: stoned on gold – got-get hot-head

collection of spatial experimentations using minimal drone and vocal re-renderings. extraterrestrial campfire field recordings.

DWS054: the lost and found sound – xposed sr. quet

“all sounds recorded/sampled from a circuit bent Casio SK-1 keyboard. recorded on digital 8-track. no additional fx or software used.”

DWS053: Psst, Shh! – Funtime Stories To Read Aloud

recordings rooted in twisted acoustic guitar compositions and strange-folk songs of existential dysphoria, augmented with a wide array of sounds both organic and electronic.

DWS052: Nehlma Chesmsa – Forest Animal Confessional

tape cut ups, vocal manipulations & sparse field recordings from mystery case nehlma chesmsa. atmospheric conditions in an otherworldly conversation. captured dead of night.

DWS051: New Fast – Great Western Forum

instrumental electronic pop & dense shoegaze wash. sweetly sinister.

DWS050: 0.1 – The Dance of Mechanical Birds

17-minute track by electro-magician 0.1 taking falsetto harmonies, crackling glitch percussion and the edge of your seat and turning it into stereo dance clash.

DWS049: Helios Wilson Levick – The Grand Symposium

full length album by composer Helios Wilson Levick blending live instrumentation and extensive sampling, shellac’d in digital shine running a full range of genres from minimalist glitch to loungy rock to ambient hip-hop? sounds include but are not limited to:

Guitar (both acoustic and electric), bass, electric mandolin, drums, piano, dinner plates, winter boots (tapped with a drumstick), refrigerator, bathtub, bubbles blown into a glass of water, beer cans, bowed and struck saw, microphone feedback, and assorted mouth noises including beatboxing.

DWS048: Psst, Shh! – Garbage Dump Thump

live instrumentation and buzzing synth pop married in a blender. lo-fi drums and analog bliss, the singer-songwriter gets funk-fucked.

DWS047: God Pollutes – Blinding Lights As You Leave Her

somber electronic / ambient arrangements with a postrock feel. soundtrack to a corroded digital film.

DWS046: AEMCLM – AnEmptyMCLikeMe

stunning synth and electronic glitch compositions by french musician Matthieu Silec. subtle malfunctions, small noises.

DWS045: Andy Sunseri – Judy Speaks In Tongues

two pieces, the first over half an hour long, comprised of manipulated phone message recordings of judy garland by sonic explorer andy sunseri. hypnotic, disturbing, mesmerizing.

“This machine, which is obviously Nazi, suffered from an outrageous plane crash” / “She wanted her money, sighting ‘they must pay, and even though I am in love with them, they ought to get the hell out.’ And since her man left, she only has felt absolutley outraged.”